what is first church about?

It’s simple, we want to make a difference in our world for Jesus Christ by connecting people to God and letting God transform lives. We think it’s important to be a bridge to each other, to the community and to our world. 

We’re a multi-generational church, all ages, all walks of life. Jesus is our focus and our source is the Bible. We’re more concerned about faithfully living out the Gospels and being a bridge to our community, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, families and relationships than we are about being a club. 

We actively seek to serve our community and not just attract the community to come to our church. Church is who we are, not a Saturday evening or Sunday event. (Although our weekends are pretty special.)

We’ve changed. We used to have separate ministries for everyone in the church: men, women, singles, married, retired, etc. Now we focus on simply offering a variety of classes and events that allows everyone to grow in their faith at their own pace. We encourage everyone to join together in small groups of people that you can connect and be comfortable with. 

We also serve together in a variety of community projects and mission work. We are also rich in history, but relevant today.