PAUSE: my search for deeper intimacy with God

Are you like me?  I've been following Jesus in fast forward. In the middle of all my busy activity, just below the surface, there is this nagging realization that i am missing something. So I hit the PAUSE button...  and contemplate these questions... Can I discover a deeper connection with Christ?  Is there a level of intimacy with God that goes beyond this present place I'm in?  I pause, and listen; is that the voice of God calling me to something more?  I am on a journey to find answers to these questions.  This blog documents my EXPERIMENTS in searching for a deeper intimacy with God.  You are invited to join me on the journey...

If it's your first visit, you may want to join the journey from the beginning, reading posts from the bottom up. 

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Practicing His Presence
Brother Lawrence

Walking With God
John Eldridge

God is Closer than You Think
John Ortberg

Invitation to Silence and Solitude
Ruth Haley Barton