This photo is very precious to me. Last October my husband and I had the opportunity to go to a conference at The Cove which is Billy Grahams retreat center in North Carolina. The time we spent there was amazing. We felt an overwhelming sense of peace and rejuvination.

One afternoon we took a long walk on one of the many trails through the woods there. Along the way we found a prayer alter that had been built out of stone with benches surrounding the area. David and I stopped to spend some time in prayer alone and as a couple.

I sat down on a bench to just take a deep breath and spend some much needed time with my God. I cannot put into words what this time of prayer meant to me. As I sat there David snapped this picture of me. He did not show it to me until later.

After we left The Cove we went back to the busy schedule of everyday life, but everytime I look at this picture it reminds me to take time alone to bask in the presence of Jesus.


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