High School DGroups

Circles are better than rows.

We believe that every person needs a spiritual family that challenges them to grow in their faith, and we believe the best way to make that family is through DGroups! Below, you'll find a list of our High School DGroup leaders. Read through our leader's bios, and when you're ready to join a group, select the leader you've chosen and fill out the interest form!


Justin Damaske

My family and I have attended First Church for 5 years, and we really love it here.  I have worked with the Cars Ministry and am a 2nd year Leader.  Excited for the coming year!

Come hang out with Justin on Sunday nights at The Well!


Jessica Meier

I'm Jessica- born and raised in Alberta, Canada. I love Jesus, the outdoors, and my dog Max. I can rough it in the outdoors or go shopping at the mall. Loving the beach and beauty of St Joseph.


kim mishler

Kim Mishler loves her DGroup Girls.  She is a mom of 4 adult(ish) kids and is a 4th grade teacher at Lakeshore.  She loves hearing the voice of Jesus, and one of her very favorite things is spending time w/ friends and deepening relationships, but she also has a healthy appreciation for dark chocolate, thin crust pizza, great movies, and the ocean!


Sheryl moerdyk

Sheryl Moerdyk is OLD but she's really fun. She loves hanging out with teens more than anyone else on the planet. Fun fact: Sheryl went to Dairy Queen every single day of her life for at least 8 years (small Blizzard in case you're wondering), she has recently stopped this behavior. Sheryl has 2 amazing grown kids of her own and she works at THRIVE Psychology. You will always know when Sheryl is in the room because of her laugh and she is likely acting more immature than anyone else.


emily wenger

Emily Wenger loves ice cream, Euchre, and math. She works at Mildred C. Wells Academy in Benton Harbor as an instructional coach and loves teaching math class! She has been married for 3 years. She has lived in Saint Joseph for 2 years, and has been a high school leader for 1 year.


Jessica Whitman

I have a heart for people and a passion to serve. I graduated from GVSU and love being a nurse. I enjoy traveling the world, playing sports, spending time with family and snuggling with my dog, Caroline. I'm excited to dive in to God's word, glorify Him and serve his beautiful people with you.


JT Whitman

My name is J.T. Whitman, I am 28 years old and I live in St. Joseph with my wife (Jessica) and dog (Caroline). I work at Whirlpool as an engineer but in my free time I love playing basketball and golf, reading, and spending time with my family. I'm excited about the opportunity to get to know you this year and to learn about Jesus together!