Summer Events

DIVE is on Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm 
Also join us for Super Wednesdays once a month! Here is our summer calendar for Dive and Super Wednesdays.

June 25 / Night of Worship: MS and HS age join together at the Stevensville Campus, 6:30-8pm.

July 2 / Dive 6:30-8pm

July 9 / Dive 6:30-8pm
July 16 / Super Wednesday:  We will pack food boxes for Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency, then go to beach.

July 23 / VBS: No Dive this week, but instead MS can be a part of VBX. Read more below.

July 30 / Dive 6:30-8pm

August 6 / Dive 6:30-8pm

August 13 / Dive 6:30-8pm
August 20 / Super Wednesday: We will go to Michigan Adventure. (Release forms and payment required.)

VBX: Weird Animals, Juy 20-24, 2014

VBX is for Middle School age: 5th-6th-7th grade grads. Our VBX program – now in its third year – is a program option designed for our 5th – 7th grade grads. They are part of the opening and closing program, but do their own program surrounding the same daily themes as the other kids – in a more teenage and eXtreme way! Click here to register online.

Living life to the fullest!

From the moment you walk into D-Groups as a 6th grader to the time you graduate from high school, we have a strategy in mind to help you get ready to live your life to the fullest!


Worship is not just singing a song or saying a prayer. Worship is how you live when you discover that Jesus gave everything to win your heart. Did you know that God is incredibly interested in every aspect of your life? God has a crazy awesome love for YOU. We worship when we open ourselves to God’s love; when we decide to love God back with our heart, soul, mind, and strength!


Plants grow when the soil is rich, fertilized, weeded, and watered. Our soul soil is the same. So we are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to grow strong in your faith. Do you want to know how to connect and be close to God? Do you want to discover how to make sense of the Bible? We will give you the tools to do this at D Groups. And we’ll grow stronger as friends along the way!


God made you with special abilities and interested for a purpose. We want to help you discover that purpose, so you can do amazing things with your life. We believe you can change this world; that the impact you make on others through serving and giving and living out your God given purpose will truly make a difference! And who would have thought serving could be so much fun!

Pastor Chris SpittersI love hanging out with middle school kids! Why? Maybe it’s the energy. Maybe it’s the authenticity. Maybe I’m just crazy. Honestly, after years of ministry, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. Well, okay, maybe a few things… like jumping out of an airplane or scuba diving, but other than that, yeah, I just wanna be with our middle school kids as we learn together what it means to follow Jesus.  These moments in the middle school years are some of the most important in a person’s life. Decisions made now affect how the rest of life goes. Now is the time to form your faith. So thanks for trusting me to walk with you through this amazing time of life!