Middle School DGroups

We believe that circles are better than rows, and real spiritual growth happens when you have a spiritual family that you get to meet with! Every middle schooler who comes to The Well gets to join a DGroup and have a group to encourage and challenge them... plus, they're really fun! Meet our amazing middle school DGroup leaders below!


Joanna Cummings

JoAnna Cummings is a senior in high school. She works at Five Pines camp as a kitchen cook. She also takes ballet. One fun fact about JoAnna is that she's been riding horses since she was five. 


tonia hayes

Tonia Hayes has moved 13 times in the last 14 years, went to three different colleges, and has worked in various jobs from movie theatre concessions, lab rat caretaker, to high school math teacher.  She’s been married to Charlie those 14 years and they have four kids, 9 and under. She spends her days doing laundry, teaching homeschool, singing terribly loud, and trying to prevent her 2 yr. old Superman from literally killing himself jumping off various pieces of furniture. She is very excited to be a part of The Well this year and to learn from each of you. One interesting fact is that she makes her own kids do dance parties with her in their basement so she can secretly get in cardio... and that’s pretty much the only time she gets cardio.


brooke russell

I am a sophomore at St Joseph High School. During the school year, I participate in several extra curricular activities, such as track & field, student senate, and art class. I work at Power in Motion Gymnastics and volunteer as a camp counselor at Warner Camp during the summer.


candi spitters

My favorite thing in the world is having my whole family under the same roof.  I love hot tamales and chillin' in a cozy coffee shop!!  Lizards freak me out!!


Zoe Spitters

I really love Chipotle and traveling. I have 3 older siblings, one in New York, one in Kalamazoo, and one in Texas. I’m a junior in high school, and homeschooled. 


Steve Vonk

Steve Vonk enjoys any kind of skiing he can do - water, snow, and especially jet. He is married to Jennifer Vonk and they have two great kids, Ashley and Carter. He works at the Cook Nuclear plant in the work management department. A fun fact about Steve is that he once travelled through the Suez Canal on an aircraft carrier.


Alex Weeks

Alex Weeks really loves Target and ice cream. She is married to Caleb Weeks, and they like each other a lot. She works at First Church as the Associate Student Ministries Pastor, and hangs out at The Well because you guys are literally the coolest. A fun fact about Alex is that her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, and she's seen the movie over 75 times.


Caleb Weeks

Caleb is the Youth Build Manager at Kinexus in Benton Harbor. He likes to build things, play good board games and do stuff outside. Caleb leads the worship on Wednesday nights with our middle school, and loves hanging out with his DGroups of 7th grade guys. Caleb is married to Alex, and they have a dog named Tucker who is a huge turd. A fun fact about Caleb is that he was a primo ballerino for one performance in high school.