my story

God has been unfolding His Story since before time began. When your life intersects with God, He influences your story in a big way. We have some great stories to tell at First Church. Stories about lives lived within God's story, intersected with others' stories.

Listen in on the stories of Andrea and Sara, then read more stories of renewed hope and transformed lives--all because each individual made a decision to allow God's story to intersect with their own.

read more stories from our church family

 Sandra F SANDRA  | A Bridge to God's Faithfulness
Photo Coming Soon DAVID | A Bridge to Forgiveness
LINDA  |  A Bridge to Friends
 LAURA  A Bridge to Faith
STU  |  A Bridge to Hope
SALLY  |  A Bridge to Restoration
JULIE  |  A Bridge to the next Generation
Judy JUDY | A Bridge inside the Church
Phil GPHIL  |  A Bridge to a New Start
MayRee  MAYREE | A Bridge to God's Loyalty
Gisela  GISELA |  A Bridge to Confidence