Sermon Questions - The Resurrected

March 11th

Read 1 Kings 17:1-24

Who caused this drought? (verse 1)  What might have motivated God to cause a drought?  (Skim chapter 16 and look for clues)

Describe the condition of this woman before she met Elijah (verses 10-12).

What “life giving” impact did Elijah have on this woman and her son? (verse 13-16)

Imagine being in the place of this woman (in verse 17).  When have you experienced tragedy in your life?

Why do you think she made such strong assumptions and accusations in verse 18?

When you you questioned God?  What assumptions or accusations have you made at times when going through tragedy?

Read verse 19.  Try to imagine how difficult it was for her to give Elijah her son.  Is there anything or anyone in your life that God is calling you to “give to him”?

Read verse 20.  Elijah also has questions for God, and yet, he still “cries out to the Lord”.  Can you cry out to the Lord, with trust and faith, even when you have questions?

Read verses 21-24.  What do we discover from this story about Gods desire to bring resurrection revival to his people?