Young Adult Retreat 

When we say "Young Adult" we mean people in their 20's. 

The Young Adult Retreat (we also call it the House Retreat) is a weekend that we spend together in a big cabin up at Warner Camp, near South Haven. It's set in a beautiful environment, the forest is bursting with new life and spring is in the air. 

We spend some of our time in reflective Bible Study, we spend time singing worship music and we spend time playing games and just getting to know each other. 

If you have never been involved with the Young Adult group, House, it's totally OK. This is a great chance to come and just learn what the group is all about. We 20-somethings are trying to explore what we believe, the spirituality inside us and what it means to be an adult searching for a greater purpose. 

The cost of the trip is $30. You can pay on the first day of the retreat. 

It's starts at 7pm on April 13th and goes until Noon on April 15th. We'll send you more details about what to bring and what to expect once you sign up. 

Fill out the form below to sign up. 

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Warner Camp
April 13th-15th

60-55th Street
Grand Junction, MI, 49056