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Isn't it true...

Isn’t it true that every girl wants to be loved?  She will search high, low, near, far, fit in, compromise, become a culture look alike and even accept abuse just to feel loved!  This is heartbreaking, but there's hope in the Truth.

Every girl needs a defining moment where she realizes,  “I am so deeply loved by God that He sacrificially gave His one and only son for me” (John 3:16). This realization of who truly loves her defines her in a whole new way.  She is who He says she is...He calls her “Beloved” (Romans 9:25).

Beloved is a ministry with a vision to bring girls to a life-changing, defining moment by experiencing God's love through authentic worship, hearing Beloved stories, opportunities to respond and teachings on how to live a life defined by truth!  I hope that we can partner together to make a difference for the girls in your reach.

Marsha Reeder
Beloved Ministry Founder

Weekend Schedule

Friday, December 1

6:00p     Registration Opens
7:00p     Doors Open
7:30p     Main Session:  "be loved"
10:00p    Girl Talk (group processing

Saturday, December 2

9:30a    Doors Open
10:00a   Worship Session/Breakout with Karen Shea
11:00a    Breakout Sessions (Choose one)
12:00p   Lunch break
1:30p     Main Session:  “Beloved”
3:00p    Send Out



Boulevard Inn

521 Lake Blvd, St Joseph, MI 49022

City View Suite: $100

Call (800) 875-6600 to make a reservation. Make sure to say you are with the Beloved Conference!

Special Guests

Marsha Reeder
Speaker/Beloved Ministry Founder

Marsha Mobley Reeder, first and foremost a child of God, lives with her family in Anderson, Indiana.  She has been married to Eric for thirteen years and has two sons - Daniel (19) and Dallas (17).
Marsha began her ministry journey over seventeen years ago as a local youth pastor. She has served the church in local, state and national venues, and is currently serving the global church as a ministry events' speaker.  Marsha’s ministry, "Beloved," is a weekend for teen and college-age girls that is currently going on tour.  She works to stay engaged in her local community by sharing her story at a jail ministry for incarcerated women, mentoring a group of college girls that are discovering their “call to ministry," and serving alongside her husband in youth ministry as a full time volunteer at their church. 
If you want to know Marsha's heart, she believes her life's calling is spelled out in Isaiah 61:1-3.

Karen Shea       
Worship Leader

For every hungry heart reaching for a dream and a purpose far greater than themselves, a cheerful voice of hope and encouragement rises out of Kenova, WV native, Karen Shea. Her single “Love is Calling” featuring John Katina of The Katinas released in 2013 and received airplay at 627 radio outlets internationally. “Love is Calling” held the #2 spot for song of the year on (CRC) and was #1 most played on Vision Radio Network in Australia (August 2013). Karen recently graduated from Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (SHINE 2015) and had two songs from her “My Heart’s Desire” EP (Shine & Love is Calling) featured on the AMTC artist compilation album; 2015. Her most recent single releases include "Fool For You" (2015)  and "Set the World on Fire" (2016) and can be found on all digital stores and streaming services! Karen currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband Taylor Shea where she continues to write and record.


Beloved Michigan

2627 Niles Ave
St Joseph, MI 49085