ROOTS: Going Deeper

Let your roots grow down into Him and draw up nourishment from Him. 
So you will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught.

God made the path so clear and simplified the bridge to Him through Jesus… so it’s sometimes easy and comfortable for us to stop there. But what if there’s more?

Is it time to ask yourself, “Have I
added Jesus to my life, or am I living the life of passion that God wants for me?” We’re guessing that you want more. So we’ve established ROOTS: classes and workshops designed to take you deeper in your faith, your walk and your passion. It’s time to go deeper.


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DISCOVER: Discovering First Church 
The Bible is clear on involvement and commitment to a local church. But how do you move from the sidelines into the game...and confidently know this is your game? Discovering First Church is designed to help you understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus at First Church, learn  the history, beliefs and teachings, and challenge you to move from spectator to participant in unity and community. Free childcare is available.


PURSUE: Growing Like Christ
Are you content where you are in your spiritual journey? Pursue God’s story for your life and dig in to scripture! By following His lead, you can open the door to a powerful relationship with Christ. This class weaves reading and studying the Bible, prayer, obedience and servanthood with the real-life practical application of learning to work God’s Words into the fabric of your own life.

Engage ENGAGE: Living Beyond Myself 
God has a unique role for every follower of Christ, wiring us with specific passions, talents and gifts. Engage will unwrap your spiritual gifts, uncover passions and help identify your talents and abilities so you can confidently know where and how you best fit in the ministries of the church body. This class will also highlight  first-serve experiences within the church and missional opportunities beyond the walls of the building.


SHARE: Telling Others 
Who would you be if someone hadn’t told you about Christ? Does the scripture passage, “go and make disciples”  inspire or instill fear in you? At one time or another we’ve all wondered: I might offend, I don’t know enough, I might fail. However, God invites us to partner with Him and share our faith and hope with others. Share will inspire you with practical tips, scripture and real-life testimonies to prepare and equip you to share the Gospel of Jesus to anyone at anytime in any situation.