Section Communities


What is a Section Community?

A Section Community is made up of people who sit in the same grouping of seats at a Sunday service. 

A place to belong - a Section Community is divided based on the way the worship space is laid out. Instead of being one person worshiping among hundreds of people, you're part of a smaller group with those sitting in the same area. 

A place to connect - We have a tendency to sit in the same chairs each weekend. You end up seeing the same people each week and become friends. Your Section Leader will help you connect with others in your section and help you connect with activities and events in the church. 

How does it work?

Get to know and build friendships with your Section Leader and other members of your section. 

Coffee Carts after service - at the back of each section there is coffee and doughnuts waiting for you after service ends. This is a great place to meet your Section Leader and begin new friendships. 

Section Parties - A few times each year your section will have a party after service with food and drinks. Invitations will be handed out in the weeks leading to a section party. 

Love Berrien Projects - We also want to be the hands and feet of Christ and serve together in our community. Love Berrien Projects are service projects we organize through our Section Communities. You'll learn more about your next Love Berrien Project in service. 

Section Leaders

St. Joseph Campus, Sanctuary - 9:30am 

Section 101:
Sandy and Marty Mason

Section 102:
Mindy Holleman

Section 103:
Tim and Linda Foreman

St. Joseph Campus, Life Center - 11:00am 

Section 201:
Lori and Bob Stanwood

Section 202:
Kathy Ruebel

Section 203:
Cindy Jakeway

Stevensville Campus

9:30am Service:
Susan Franklin

Nicki & Marc Danapilis

Kim Mishler

11:00am Service:
Kristi Key

Jen Steinbraker

Barry Adams

Benton Heights Campus

9:30am & 11:00am Service:
Clement Teo

Lori Nitz