Year-end contributions

In order to receive giving credit for donations, the IRS has certain requirements. 

Charitable contributions must be claimed in the year in which they are delivered to the church. Postmarked and dated checks will be deductible for that year, regardless of when they are received. 

Contribution Statements

Year-to-date contribution statements will be sent via email in early December. To open your emailed contribution statement, use the last four digits of your home phone number as your pin. If you do not have a home phone, use your cell number. If you still cannot open the statement, then contact our bookkeeper, Sue Jennings at

Please look your contribution statement over and let us know of any needed adjustments. We will send out year-end statements in mid-January. If we don't have your email address, then we will send it via U.S. Postal Service. If you made individual contributions of $250 or more, do not file your federal income tax return until you receive your contribution statement. 

Retrieve your contribution history at any time by clicking the button below. If you have not done so previously, you will be requested to register for an account.

Contact our bookkeeping office if you need assistance with this procedure. 

To better track your contributions, we encourage you to use giving envelopes that are mailed to your home every month. If you would like to use giving envelopes, please contact our bookkeeper Sue Jennings at