At First Church we have active and vibrant youth ministry programs for teens in 6th-12th grade. D-Groups Middle School Ministry is for our teens in 6th-8th grade and meets on Wednesday nights. Tribe High School Ministry is for our 9th-12th graders and meets Sunday nights. 

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We’re not just here to help you now; we’re also looking ahead to a time when you’ll leave home and head off to college or wherever life takes you. Will you be ready for that? We keep that vision in front of us, so we know what we are trying to help build into your life for the future. Connect with us on social media!  

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D-Groups Middle School Ministry meets from 6:15 pm-8:15 pm at the St. Joseph Campus during the school year. We start in the gym and end in the Attic (youth center). 

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Tribe High School Ministry meets from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at the St. Joseph Campus during the school year. We also do a bunch of cool activities throughout the year.   

Fall Retreat 2015 - November 20-22

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We want to provide you with information on events, culture and resources that are relevant to you. our goal is to increase the level and quality of communication between parents and teenagers, and also between parents and our student ministry. follow our parent blog

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