Middle School

If you are in 6th-8th grade, you will love D-groups, so check it out. We meet on Wednesday nights,  6:15-8:15pm, starting in the gym and ending in the Attic (youth center). We have a lot more to tell you about D-groups here.

High School

If you are in high school then you will definitely want to check out Tribe. Not only does Tribe meet on Sunday nights, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at 1227 Riverwood Terrace - St. Joseph, MI, but we also do a ton of fun activities all year long. Friend our high school facebook page and Tribe Twitter to get all the current info.

We’re not just here to help you now; we’re also looking ahead to a time when you’ll leave home and head off to college or wherever life takes you. Will you be ready for that? We keep that vision in front of us, so we know what we are trying to help build into your life for the future.