Wonderland Toy Store 2016

The Wonderland Toy Store is a special Christmas shopping experience that has been created to give parents, who are in financial need this holidays season, the opportunity to purchase NEW TOYS for their children at 10% of their retail value. 

Wonderland Toy Store provides parents the opportunity to personally select gifts for their children, maintaining their dignity and allowing them the joy of shopping. It provides an opportunity for churches, organizations, businesses and schools in our community to 'give the gift of giving' to parents and share God's love in a tangible way. 



We ask that you donate NEW toys or gift cards to the Wonderland Toy store. Donations can be made at any First Church Campus between November 6th and December 4th. 

get an invitation to shop

Questions about the Wonderland Toy Store or questions about how to get an invitation for someone to shop at the store can be made by contacting Jenny Fry, jenny.f@myfirstchurch.com.